"Freemasonry tries to make good men better, it cannot make bad men good"


February 2018

Tuesday 20th 1232 Rehearsal for F.C. at 7.30pm
Saturday 24th Stoneyburn Installation at 4.30pm

March 2018

Friday 2nd Almondale Installation at 6.30pm
Tuesday 6th 1232 Regular Meeting, F.C. Degree (2018 Provincial Visitation) 7.00pm
Tuesday 13th 1232 Rehearsal for Mark Degree at 7.30pm
Friday 16th Pioneer Installation at 6.30pm
Tuesday 20th 1232 – RWM visitation to St John, Mid-Calder 7.00pm
Friday 30th Recent Members Degree at No. 636, Broxburn – 7.00pm

April 2018

Tuesday 3rd 1232 Regular Meeting – Mark Degree 7.00pm
Wednesday 18th 1232 – RWM Visitation to Kirkliston Maitland, No. 482
Wednesday 24th 1232 – RWM Visitation to St Margaret, S. Queensferry
Saturday 28th Almoners Fair in Polkemmet, Whitburn

May 2018

Wednesday 2nd 1232 – RWM visitation to St. James, Harthill

June 2018

Friday 1st 1232 – RWM visitation to Lodge Almondale, Livingston

August 2018

Sunday 12th Sir James McKay House Fete (Ravelston)
Tuesday 21st 1232 Committee Meeting (7.00pm) & Rehearsal 

September 2018

Tuesday 4th 1232 Regular Meeting
Tuesday 18th 1232 Rehearsal

October 2018

Tuesday 2nd 1232 Regular Meeting
Tuesday 16th 1232 Rehearsal
Wednesday 17th Almoners Concert in Lodge Polkemmet, Whitburn
Saturday 27th Almoners Children’s Halloween Party in Lord Bruce, Blackburn
Wednesday 31st Reigning Masters Degree in Almondale at 7.00pm

November 2018

Tuesday 6th 1232 Regular Meeting
Tuesday 20th 1232 Rehearsal
Friday 30th 1232 Special Meeting – Honorary Members working F.C. Degree 7.00pm

December 2018

Tuesday 4th 1232 Members Only – AGM – Nomination & Election of Office Bearers

January 2019

Saturday 19th 1232 Annual Installation Meeting at 2.00pm