"Freemasonry tries to make good men better, it cannot make bad men good"

Lodge 1232 History

For the good of Freemasonry in general, and for the benefit of the brethren of Lodge Hopetoun St. John in particular, I was delighted when ‘Snippets Frae the Minutes’ was published in 1995, our 75th Anniversary year. Hopefully it gave the brethren a brief, but nevertheless interesting, account of past times in our Lodge (1920 to 1995).

Sometime in 1987, after having been involved in an extremely interesting conversation with some of our more senior members I thought that I might like to read through all our Minute Books and possibly compile a publication which, hopefully, would be of interest to others. Not having a great deal of free time I decided that I would confine this project to a few hours on winter nights, as and when convenient. Well, eight years later the finished article surfaced and by coincidence it was completed just in time for our 75th Anniversary Year (1995).

The publication was by no means a literary masterpiece, it was never meant to be. All quotes taken from the Minutes were written in italics. The grammar and sometimes the accuracy of these Minutes might come into question. Everything was written word for word as recorded by our Secretaries. A few copies of the publication are still available.

A general observation I made when reading the Minutes covering the late nineteen fifties and early sixties was that there were numerous references to visitations being arranged in order to inspect sites and properties to see whether or not these sites would be suitable for premises for ‘1232’. Unfortunately specific details relating to the actual location of many of the sites have been omitted. These omissions highlight the need for Secretaries to give due consideration to detail when recording the proceedings at each and every meeting.

At the moment I am working on a publication which will give an account of the first 100 years in the history of Lodge Hopetoun St. John, No. 1232.  It is my intention to have this published in hard back format and be available for our 100th Anniversary celebrations in the year 2020.

Ray Newton P.M. & Secretary
January 2017